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Amish Barn

In Our Clients' Words

“I’m really not sure the English language contains adequate words to tell you what an amazing time we had this past weekend. The Barn did not disappoint (even in a deluge [of rain]) and the wedding was amazing….absolutely everything the kids had hoped for. Our guests told us over and over what an incredible venue the barn was and how much FUN they had!! We could NOT be happier with how everything came together!”

“There are so many things I liked about our experience here! I loved how we were allowed to visit the barn as many times as we liked prior to the wedding. That was so helpful in figuring out where we wanted to place everything and having support staff there to talk to.”

“Being able to have the venue for five days instead of one was [so] incredibly helpful. I cannot express that enough. So many places only let you book for a day and for the amount of work that goes into a wedding, that’s just not enough time!”


Here is a little more information about what you can expect from your experience with us.  Your stay includes use of the Amish Barn, the farmhouse (air conditioned with full kitchen, 2 full baths and 4.5 bedrooms), pastures, and access to the blacksmith shop and vineyard.  The venue is very much a blank canvas for you to create the wedding of your dreams.  We have included a spot here under Our Friends of those who share our great joy in serving you.  Our Friends include bartenders, caterers, event planners, event rentals, musicians, lighting specialists, transportation, as well as many others.

We certainly understand that you want the venue to be perfect and the experience to be memorable.  Besides the authentic Amish-built barn and the gorgeous and secluded grounds, one of the most appealing benefits of the Amish Barn experience is the fact that you and your families are offered full use of the grounds.  Many of our guests find the additional time we allow them on the grounds provides the families cherished time for forming new family bonds and fosters fellowship. To that end, and for the most part, the grounds are available to you for your total use.  There is limited interaction with the staff as we strive to strike just the right balance between giving you and your families the private time and space to celebrate, prepare and enjoy while at the same time remaining a resource for your comfort and safety.

Amish Barn
Amish Barn

Since a fair amount of vendor coordination, set up, and event logistics needs to occur prior to the event, you and your party will have access to the property from Thursday through Sunday.  On the day of the event we will have a light staff available for waste management, parking assistance, fire pit maintenance, lighting lanterns, and to answer guest questions.

The barn comfortably seats 200-225 people inside with space for isle ways, dance floor, and tables for cakes and gifts.  If your guest list includes more than 225, no problem. We have hosted weddings with over 400 in attendance.  Additional seating is available around the barn area.

And….we have just recently finished our mini-me Amish Barn comfort facility.  The comfort facility is a smaller scale Amish Barn structure which includes six powder rooms and a spacious storage area for our fine wooden tables and chairs.

While we love, love, love to celebrate the most joyous sacrament of marriage at the Amish Barn, we equally enjoy sharing the beauty and simplicity of the Amish Barn with those celebrating milestone anniversaries and other social occasions such as barn dances, relaxing retreats, organizational benefits and birthday parties. Go ahead and ask us about special arrangements and pricing for your most unique and interesting social affair ever!

Amish Barn

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the venue rental cost?

Our rates depend on the type of event you are having. Typically, rental of the venue for a wedding costs $4,000.

How many people can be seated in the barn?

The barn comfortably seats between 200 and 225, but we have accommodated much larger parties as well.

Can you recommend planners and caterers?

We have an entire selection of planners and caterers listed on our OUR FRIENDS tab.  Please take a look here.

What other events have you had here?

We have hosted the best barn dances ever.  Totally a blast!  Cotton Eye Joe has been with us so many times, the neighbors actually think he lives here!  We have also hosted anniversary and birthday parties, surprise proposals and have even brought the sophistication of theatre to the farm where The Children’s Hour took center stage!